SC 2.1: Land, Marine and Airborne Gravimetry
Chair: Derek van Westrum (USA)

SC 2.2: Geoid, Physical Height Systems and Vertical Datum Unification
Chair: George Vergos (Greece)

SC 2.3: Satellite Gravity Missions
Chair: Frank Flechtner (Germany)

SC 2.4: Regional Geoid Determination
Chair: Hussein Abd-Elmotaal (Egypt)

SC 2.4a: Gravity and Geoid in Europe
Chair: Heiner Denker (Germany)

SC 2.4b: Gravity and Geoid in South America
Chair: Maria Cristina Pacino (Argentina)

SC 2.4c: Gravity and Geoid in North and Central America
Chair: Xiaopeng Li (USA)

SC 2.4d: Gravity and Geoid in Africa
Chair: Hussein Abd-Elmotaal (Egypt)

SC 2.4e: Gravity and Geoid in Asia-Pacific
Chair: Cheinway Hwang (China-Taipei)

SC 2.4f: Gravity and Geoid in Antarctica
Chair: Mirko Scheinert (Germany)

SC 2.5: Satellite Altimetry
Chair: Xiaoli Deng (Australia)

SC 2.6: Gravity Inversion and Mass Transport in the Earth System
Chair: Wei Feng (China)

Joint Study Groups

JSG 3.1: Geodetic, seismic and geodynamic constraints on GIA (Joint with: Comm 1, Comm 3)
Chair: R. Steffen (Sweden)

JSG T.28: Forward gravity field modelling of known mass distributions (Joint with: ICCT, Comm 3, GGOS)
Chair: D. Tsoulis (Greece)

JSG T.35: Advanced numerical methods in physical geodesy (Joint with: ICCT, GGOS)
Chair: R. Čunderlík (Slovakia)

JSG T.23: Spherical and spheroidal integral formulas of the potential theory for transforming classical and new gravitational observables (Joint w.: ICCT, GGOS)
Chair: M. Šprlák (Australia / Czech Republic)

JSG T.26: Geoid/quasi-geoid modelling for realization of the geopotential height datum (Joint with: ICCT, GGOS)
Chair: J. Huang (Canada), Y.M. Wang (USA)

JSG T.25: Combining geodetic and geophysical information for probing Earth’s inner structure and its dynamics (Joint with: ICCT, Comm 3)
Chair: R. Tenzer (China)

JSG T.34: High resolution harmonic analysis and synthesis of potential fields (Joint with: ICCT, GGOS)
Chair: S. Claessens (Australia)

JSG T.30: Dynamic modeling of deformation, rotation and gravity field variations (Joint w.: ICCT, Comm 3)
Chair: Y. Tanaka (Japan)

JSG X.X: Machine learning in geodesy (Joint with: ICCT, Comm 1, Comm 3, Comm 4, GGOS)
Chair: B. Soja (USA)

JSG T.37: Theory and methods related to high-resolution digital topographic and bathymetric models (Joint with: ICCT, Comm 1, Comm 3, GGOS)
Chair: D. Carrion (Italy)

Joint Working Groups

JWG 2.1.1: Establishment of the International Gravity Reference Frame (joint with IGFS, BGI, IGETS)
Chair: Hartmut Wziontek (Germany)

JWG 2.1.2: Unified file formats and processing software for high-precision gravimetry Frame (joint with IGFS, IGETS, BGI)
Chair: Ilya Oshchepkov (Russia)

JWG 2.2.1: Error assessment of the 1 cm geoid experiment (joint with ISG, IGFS)
Chair: Martin Willberg (Germany)

JWG C.3: Geodesy for the Cryosphere: advancing the use of geodetic data in polar climate modelling (Joint with: ICCC, Comm 3)
Chair: Bert Wouters (Netherlands)

JWG C.4: Sea level and vertical land motion (Joint with: ICCC, Comm 1, Comm 4, GGOS)
Chair: Roelof Rietbroek (Germany)

JWG C.5: Understanding the monsoon phenomenon from a geodetic perspective (Joint with: ICCC, Comm 3, Comm 4, GGOS)
Chair: Balaji Devaraju (India)

JWG C.6: Numerical Simulations for Recovering ClimateRelated Mass Transport Signals (Joint with: ICCC, GGOS)
Chair: Roland Pail (Germany)

JWG C.7: Satellite geodetic data assimilation for climate research (Joint with: ICCC, GGOS)
Chair: Mehdi Khaki (Australia)

JWG C.8: Methodology of comparing/validating/testing climate simulations to/with geodetic data (Joint with: ICCC, ICCT)
Chair: Jürgen Kusche (Germany)

JWG Q.1: Quantum gravimetry in space and on ground (Joint with: IAG Project QuGe)
Chair: F. Pereira (France)

JWG Q.2: Laser interferometry for gravity field missions (Joint with: IAG Project QuGe)
Chair: M. Murböck (Germany)

JWG Q.3: Relativistic geodesy with clocks (Joint with: IAG Project QuGe)
Chair: G. Petit (France)

IAG Events